The Life & Mind Seminar Network

Format and purpose of the seminars

Posted in General by Tom Froese on November 8, 2006

Before today’s seminar Ezequiel made some general comments about the structure and purpose of the Life and Mind seminar series, which were generally agreed upon, and which I thought worthwhile to put here.

First a few words about the seminar format:

It is possible that some of the seminars (like today’s) have a lecture-like format, but generally informal discussions are to be preferred. Other formats could include selected readings and practical sessions. The seminars should provide a friendly forum where it is possible to get constructive feedback on ideas and work in progress. It is a place for mutual learning.

There is a possibility of hosting speakers from outside Sussex University as long as they are UK-based (or currently traveling in the UK). If anyone wants to propose a speaker please do!

A few words about the purpose:

The seminar is not limited to the members of the CCNR and is open to everyone from the University of Sussex. Interdisciplinarity is strongly encouraged and no topic is essentially off-limits but an effort should be made to show why the issues being discussed are relevant to work done by the CCNR.

The general purpose of the seminar series will be to construct a rough map that charts the phenomena of life and cognition through rigorous discussions while keeping a broad and open perspective.

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