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Life and Mind associated event for ECAL

Posted in General by Tom Froese on November 25, 2006

I agree with Fernando that having an associated event with the next ECAL which focuses on the philosophy of life and mind is a good idea! I also think that the format/content of that event could just emerge out of the seminar series. So perhaps the goal should be to keep this in mind while the seminar series running and then come up with something more concrete towards the end of next term.

One idea could be to structure the event around the three levels of embodiment that Thompson identifies as central to enactivism, namely a) bodily self-regulation, b) sensorimotor coupling, and c) intersubjectivity.

Another idea could be to discuss the ways theory, empirical data, and phenomenological insights can relate to each other  in a mutually informing manner. In the context of the conference the central topic could be the link between phenomenology and modeling. How can they inform each other?

We should also consider who the target audience for this could be, i.e. is it going to be mainly pitched at non-philosophically trained artificial life researchers?  Or is it a more specific audience of philosophers of life and mind?




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