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Event notice: Enaction summer school

Posted in General by Tom Froese on February 5, 2007

Summer School « Enaction and Cognitive Science »

6 – 12 September 2007, Fréjus, France.

The French Association for Cognitive Research (ARCo), with the support of the CNRS, is organizing a Summer School on the theme « Enaction and Cognitive Science », to be held in Frejus from 6-12 September 2007. There will be two distinct parts to the school: the first 2 days will be devoted to courses ; the 4 following days will each be devoted to a morning conference and an afternoon discussion with a leading scientist in the area of cognitive science.

The prospective speakers are Claire Petitmengin, Evan Thompson and George Lakoff. Sunday will be the opportunity to discover research where the conceptual framework of Enaction is at the heart of artistic work. On these 4 days there will also be workshops, where participants will have the opportunity to present their own work and discuss its relation to enaction.

The Website of the school will soon be available; it is still possible to visit the site of the previous school ( which gives an idea of the general organisation. The 2007 edition, like the previous one, will be international. Concerning language, we will introduce an experiment : each speaker will talk in their mother tongue, but the presentation will be accompanied by slides in a different language (for example, a person wishing to speak English will present slides in French).

The number of places is limited, and so all those interested are invited to contact Olivier Gapenne ( in order to manifest your intention to participate, before the official process of inscription. These thematic summer schools are open in priority to doctoral students, but they are also open to post-docs and to established scientists.

Finally, we wish to recall that this summer school has a double goal : scientific, of course, but also convivial because the aim is to pursue the constitution of a genuine community of cognitive scientists mobilized by the paradigm of enaction.

Best wishes,
Olivier Gapenne and John Stewart

Maître de Conférences Sciences Cognitives
Université de Technologie de Compiègne
E.A. Costech – Groupe Suppléance Perceptive
Site Web.


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