The Life & Mind Seminar Network

Seminar #14: Modeling of Dynamic Interface for Autonomy

Posted in Seminars by Tom Froese on March 6, 2007

The next Life and Mind seminar will be on Wednesday, the 7th of March, at 15:00 in room ARUN 404A. Hiro will be leading a discussion on:

Modeling of Dynamic Interface for Autonomy

In this talk, I would like to consider the boundary between an agent and its environment in the context of evolutionary robotics. I will talk about an idea of modeling sensors and motors in terms of autopoiesis. In this idea, the sensors and motors can be regarded as emerging from the dynamic processes of making an interface between an agents and its environment. In order to study the dynamic property of the interface, a non-fixed sensory-motor distinction is proposed. The boundary should not be a static but a dynamic interface. As an illustrative example the cognitive phenomenon of our feeling of moving and being moved will be discussed in relation to this model. And if I have time, I would also like to talk about the embodied agency detection between two simulated agents from the
perspective of autonomy.

All welcome.

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