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Modelling Autonomy Workshop – San Sebastian

Posted in General by Tom Froese on March 27, 2007

A few of us went to the “Modelling Autonomy” workshop in San Sebastian last week. I think it is fair to say that it was a huge success and that everyone involved had a great time! Many thanks to Kepa, Xabier, and Alvaro, as well as everyone else who was helping out, for doing such a great job of putting the workshop together for all of us to enjoy.

The website of the workshop which contains the papers that were presented can be found by clicking here.

I also uploaded some pictures from the workshop below:

The San Sebastian organizing crew

The San Sebastian organizing crew (from left to right): Kepa Ruiz-Mirazo, Alvaro Moreno, and Xabier Barandiaran.

Autonomous cognitive/behavioral dynamics panel

The panel for “Autonomous cognitive/behavioral dynamics” (from left to right): Hugues Bersini, Tom Ziemke, Marieke Rhode, Ezequiel Di Paolo, and Takashi Ikegami.

Two Johns discussing

Two Johns discussing at the round table (from left to right): Tom Ziemke, John Collier, John Stewart, and Keisuke Suzuki.

The Sussex group

The Sussex group visiting the Guggenheim in Bilbao (from left to right): Tom Froese, Marieke Rohde, Ezequiel Di Paolo, and Hanne De Jaegher.

Thanks again to everyone involved!



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