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Seminar #35: The Ecology of Arts and Culture

Posted in Seminars by Tom Froese on March 3, 2008

On Wednesday, the 12th of March 2008, 16:00 – 17:30, Room Pev1 2A03

We will have a special seminar by Bill Sharpe,Bill Sharpe an independent researcher who is involved in a variety of projects including the Ecology of Arts, which he is leading for the International Futures Forum. He will be talking about:

The Ecology of Arts and Culture

Arts, culture and the creative economy are now mainstream national policy concerns. However, people find it very difficult to discuss the value of art and culture in suitable ways. Bill Sharpe is working with the International Futures Forum to lead a project that explores whether we can bring ideas of ecology to bear on this discussion, so that we can understand what it might mean to have a healthy ecology of art and culture. It is popular to use ecological models in metaphorical ways, but in this project we are trying to move beyond the metaphor, and we are taking the enactive view of cognition, with its roots in phenomenology as a way of grounding system ideas for the notion of meaning and value of arts and culture. At the heart of this is the process of making meaning in a life, rooted in its social nature. The goal of this seminar is to open up a dialogue between this project and the work at Sussex which has already provided inspiration for the work done so far.

Bill Sharpe is on the executive committee of euCognition ( and it is intended that there will be a workshop later this year on Cognition and Culture: the enactive view, that will bring together the euCognition community with researchers in the arts.

IFF Project:
Bill Sharpe:

All welcome!


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