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New look and invitation to participate

Posted in General by Ezequiel on April 22, 2008

Dear Lifeandminders,

I want to draw attention to the new look and re-worked functionality of our blog. Thanks to Eduardo, Mike, Tom, Marieke and Hanne for their work and input about this. Our idea is to make the blog less cluttered, easier to read and use, and hopefully visually more stimulating by encouraging people to use more images.

But, more importantly, we would like to encourage more participation in the form of relevant stories, work-in-progress, interesting comments or news. So far the blog is used mainly for announcing speakers. Sometimes the discussions that emerge from talks carry on in the form of comments. But we would like to encourage spontaneous discussions about important topics related to life and mind, enactive cognition, philosophy of mind and philosophy of biology. The boundaries are hard to define, but a look at previous posts will give you an idea of what is considered a topic that will interest the users of the blog.

Whilst we would like to maintain the quality of the posts (typically abstracts are well worked-out and often include links to published work), we think that discussing current work-in-progress or events can indeed enhance the quality of the blog as tool for thinking and communicating. It will be important to prevent it from “degenerating” into a news board or a chat space, but I’m confident that this will simply not happen.

So, tell us your ideas.



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  1. mg said, on April 23, 2008 at 2:41 am

    Two comments on the design: the font-size for the comments section is way too small.
    Also, when you click on a blog entry–I guess you can call it ‘entry view’–the sidebar navigation disappears.

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