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Seminar #37: The Myth of the Inner, the Myth of the Hidden

Posted in Seminars by Tom Froese on June 5, 2008

Sorry for the late notice! For those who missed this seminar, an audio recording can be found here.

There will be a Life and Mind seminar on Wednesday, the 4th of June, 16:30-18:00, Room Pev1 1A03.

This time we are pleased to have our very own Prof. Steve Torrance lead a Life and Mind discussion. One of Steve’s main interests is to examine the links between mind and value, and how far consciousness science necessarily interacts with ethics. Steve TorranceIn particular, he is looking at the ethical ramifications of artificial consciousness and has very recently edited a special journal issue on this topic for the Journal of AI & Society (2008, vol. 22). He is also interested in enactive or embodied approaches to mind and has recently edited two special journal issues on the enactive approach to cognitive science for Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences (2007, vol. 4 and 2005, vol. 4).

Today Steve will talk to us about:

“The Myth of the Inner; the Myth of the Hidden”

This seminar will be based on a talk recently given at the 2008 Ratna Ling Conference on First-Person Methodologies in the Study of Consciousness. Technology permitting, there might be some surprise musical performance involved!

For anyone who missed the talk, an audio recording can be found here.


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