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CFP: Workshop on Culture and Cognition – An Enactive View

Posted in CFP by Tom Froese on July 21, 2008

Another call for participation that should be of interest, especially for members of the euCognition network.


A workshop on the topic of “Culture and Cognition: An Enactive View” will be held in Bristol, UK on December 5th and 6th.

The purpose of this workshop is to help to develop a robust vocabulary and set of concepts that are capable of sustaining dialogue between researchers in cognitive systems, cognitive science, arts, media, and culture by using the insights and approaches of the enactive approach to cognition.

There is a website devoted to the workshop at

Prospective participants can make their interest known by providing their email and a statement of interest at the website.

All interested parties can register to participate in forum discussions.

This workshop is funded by euCognition, and members will be able to claim participation costs under the usual euCognition rules (see for details).

Fred Cummins and Bill Sharpe
Workshop organizers


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