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A jewel from Innsbruck, 1943

Posted in Audio / Video, General by Ezequiel on March 16, 2009

I’ve come across this fantastic video of Theodor Erismann demonstrating some experiments on visual inversion. It’s incredibly funny and illuminating and makes you wish you could run experiments in this way. Translation and voice-over by J. J. Gibson.

Check out the fencing exercises…

“Are you prepared to wear these right-left reversing spectacles for several weeks without interruption? From now on, never go out without this device!”

“Except for a few bruises there are no serious aftereffects”.



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  1. Lucas said, on March 19, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    He He, That was awesome. From a scientific point of view it was a shame so much was faked for the camera. It added to the comedy value though.

    Years ago now, I wore yellow glasses for an extended period of time (a year maybe). Although I adapted pretty quickly to the change in colour I was noticeable for a long period of time. Eventually, however, I stopped noticing it. I was a aware to some degree of the change in colour, but the subtleties of my vision, which I was aware of initially, i.e. the changes in contrast between objects become less obvious. I would forget that my glasses were yellow, and, having a normal pair aswell, would occasionally forget which one I was wearing. There is a significant difference between the two colour spaces representive of the two conditions, which is a reason which I should be able to tell. However, I often had to take them off or look over them to tell which glasses I was wearing.

    An interesting thing is that the opponent blueness upon removing the yellow ones seemed lessened after a period of time. And the yellowness on wearing them too. I got used to the change as well as the new condition. I also have noticed this as my experience with anaglyph glasses increases.

    Another, experiment along similar lines is with polarising lenses. The information available to the observer changes when wearing them. Reflections are attenuated, and detail in some things is exagerated (eg. clouds, things hindered by relections).

    I recommend going cloud spotting with some polarised glasses. I find (propably due to the increased contrast) that it is easier to see shapes when wearing polarised glasses. Also, when one removes the glasses, these shapes still visible when before wearing the glasses they were not.

    The important take home message I guess is, that what is percieved under one condition affects what is percieved under another, and, that at least in the coloured glasses case, that my experience was an integration of the two situations and in the case of the polarising glasses, a synergetic one.

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