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Seminar #51: Technical mediations of perceptual interactions

Posted in Seminars by Tom Froese on March 23, 2009

As warm-up to this week’s Key Issues in Sensory Augmentation Workshop we will have a special Life and Mind seminar by Charles Lenay, the Director of the Perceptual Supplementation Group in the COSTECH laboratory, University of Compiègne, France. His background is in the History and Philosophy of Science. His general interest is in the thematization of technological artefacts as constitutive of the human condition.

Note: Registration for the Sensory Augmentation workshop is now closed, but this special seminar is open to all.

Technical mediations of perceptual interactions

Charles Lenay

Time: 4:30-6:00pm
Date: Wed. 25th, March
Location: Pev. 1 1A06

To make possible perceptual interactions it is needed that each one is provided at the same time with a perceiving body and a body image, i.e. on the one hand, a mobile organization of sensors, and on the other hand, a mobile image perceptible by others. For example, to allow a crossing of glance one needs eyes and a face. A seized technical device (a tool) modifies this bond between perceiving body and perceived body. But, if it is wanted that this device allows perceptual interactions, one needs that this bond remains solid, the movements of the body image sufficiently reflecting those of the perceiving body. It is at least a condition so that the communication is expressive. I will introduce a minimalist experimental study allowing us to analyze how the search for a perceptual synchronization makes it possible to guide mimetic modifications of the bond between perceived body and perceiving body. This makes it possible to think on the conditions of an expression of the emotions through technical mediations.

All welcome!


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