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New paper on enactive intersubjectivity

Posted in Seminars by Hanne De Jaegher on May 11, 2009

A new paper on enactive intersubjecitivity has just appeared in Consciousness and Cognition.

De Jaegher, H. (2009). “Social understanding through direct perception? Yes, by interacting.” Consciousness and Cognition 18(2): 535-542.

Abstract:”This paper comments on Gallagher’s recently published direct perception proposal about social cognition [Gallagher, S. (2008a). Direct perception in the intersubjective context. Consciousness and Cognition, 17(2), 535–543]. I show that direct perception is in danger of being appropriated by the very cognitivist accounts criticised by Gallagher (theory theory and simulation theory). Then I argue that the experiential directness of perception in social situations can be understood only in the context of the role of the interaction process in social cognition. I elaborate on the role of social interaction with a discussion of participatory sense-making to show that direct perception, rather than being a perception enriched by mainly individual capacities, can be best understood as an interactional phenomenon.”

With commentaries:

Hutto, D. D. (2009). “Interacting? Yes, but of what kind and on what basis?” Consciousness and Cognition 18(2): 543-546.

Gallagher, S. (2009). “Deep and dynamic interaction: Response to Hanne De Jaegher.” Consciousness and Cognition 18(2): 547-548.

And a reply:

De Jaegher, H. (2009). “What made me want the cheese? A reply to Shaun Gallagher and Dan Hutto.” Consciousness and Cognition 18(2): 549-550.


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