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5th Enaction Summer School

Posted in CFP by Tom Froese on December 2, 2009

5th Enaction Summer School — 27th June – 3rd of July 2010.

Ballykisteen, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

Theme of the school: Skill

Within the enactive approach cognition is defined as skilful activity. The concept of skill and skilfulness has played a significant role in several avenues of enactive research, particularly, for instance, within dynamic sensorimotor accounts of perception. Despite its central role in enactive thinking, the concept of skill has been poorly explicated thus far in the enactive literature. One of the aims of the 2010 enaction school is to examine the idea of skill, to identify key phenomena and challenges presented by extant research into skilful activity and skilled performance, and to address these issues from an enactive perspective.

Participations costs are being finalised and further details, along with website and application forms, will become available in the coming weeks.

The language of the school will be English, but it is hoped that it will be possible to provide intermittent French translation and summary during workshops as has been the practice in previous schools.

— Dr. Marek McGann
Lecturer, Dept. of Psychology,
Mary Immaculate College ~ University of Limerick.
Tel.: +353-61-204326

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