The Life & Mind Seminar Network

Seminar #67: Attractor Based Evolution

Posted in Seminars by tomfroese on June 14, 2010

We have another invited speaker this week! Please note unusual time and place: Friday, 18th June, at 3:30pm, in Arun-404.

Attractor Based Evolution: A network oriented view of the origin of life

Chris Gordon-Smith

This talk will:

* Summarise key issues for the origin of life
* Identify relevant conceptual background for attractor based evolution of chemical networks
* Set out a network oriented view of chemistry
* Outline what is envisaged in an attractor based evolutionary scenario
* Spell out explicitely a mechanism for attractor based inheritannce
* Show an artificial chemistry that could support evolutionary exploration of a large number of alternative ‘phenotypes’
* Illustrate the relationship between molecular structure and chemical network structure with a four attractor artificial chemistry
* Provide an update on related progress with the SimSoup project

The origin of life is a multi-disciplinary subject; the material is accordingly intended for a multi-disciplinary audience.

All welcome!

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