The Life & Mind Seminar Network

Seminar #68: Human recalibration of time perception and robotic size discrimination – Marieke Rohde

Posted in Seminars by matthewegbert on June 23, 2010

This talk is about two largely unrelated studies in the area of
perception. In the first part, results from an experiment on human
adaptation to visual feedback delays will be presented. Humans
recalibrate their perceived simultaneity to compensate for additional
latencies and the amount of perceptual recalibration correlates to the
magnitude of behavioural effects. This study is the first to show
strong adaptation, as it is known to result from spatial perturbations
(e.g., prism goggles), in the temporal domain. The second part
presents results from an evolutionary robotics model of multisensory
size discrimination. This exploratory study raises a number of issues
about the kind of experimental procedure used in behavioural research
on multimodal integration. Simulation models of this kind are suitable
tools to sanity-check your implicit prior assumptions underlying
experimental research.


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