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Two postdoc positions of possible interest

Posted in Seminars by Marieke on March 29, 2011

POST-DOC on Tactile Interfaces / Social networks / Aid systems for blind people.
Open at the UTC (Technological University of Compiègne) in the team EA 2223 COSTECH (Knowledge, Organisation and Technical Systems) – group CRED (Cognitive Research and Enactive Design).
We are looking for a POST-DOC to launch the ITOIP programme: Tactile Interactions for Orientation, Interaction and Presence. The aim of this project is to design Tactile Interfaces (emission and reception of tactile signals) for Blind People. The introduction of the tactile modality brings unprecedented possibilities for interaction via multimodal interfaces.



4 Year Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Philosophy of Neuroscience at the Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience, Tübingen (Germany)

As part of its integrative approach to studying the mind/brain, the CIN offers a postdoctoral research fellowship for up-and-coming researchers with a promising track record in the field of philosophy of neuroscience. The candidate should either be a philosopher with a strong background in philosophy of mind/psychology/neuroscience and with a track record of interacting with empirical work in cognitive science, or a cognitive scientist with a strong track record of interacting with philosophy. A PhD is required by the time of appointment. The working language of the CIN is English.



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