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Combined symposiums on enaction @ AISB’13 (Exeter, UK), April 3-5, 2013

Posted in Seminars by eroesch on March 27, 2013

Hello all,

Find below the provisional timetable for the combined symposiums on Re-conceptualising Mental Illness and Enactivism, organised by Joel Parthemore, Blay Whitby, as well as Etienne B. Roesch, Slawomir Nasuto, and J. Mark Bishop, at the annual AISB convention, Exeter, April 3-5, 2013. More information at the convention website: and

Hope to see you there!

Kind regards,


Weds. morning 3 April: Philosophy of Psychiatry
— Sanneke de Haan (University of Amsterdam): An Enactive Approach to Psychiatric Disorders (45 minutes)
— Fred Cummins (University College Dublin) and Marek McGann (Mary Immaculate College): No Mental; Health (45 minutes)

Weds. afternoon Session 1: Autism
—Anna Ciaunica (University of Cognitive Sciences Lyon): Isolated Sailors in Isolated Ships: The Case of Autism (45 minutes)
—Joel Parthemore (Lund University): Philosophy of Autism: The Enactive Response to the Tendency to Pathologize (45 minutes)

Thursday morning 4 April
— Mark McKergow (Centre for Solutions Focus at Work): On the Trail of Gregory Bateson (invited speaker, 90 minutes)

Thursday afternoon Session 1: Extended Mind
— Susan Stuart (University of Glasgow): Enkinaesthesia: Re-conceptualizing “Mental” Illness (45 minutes)
— Dean Petters (University of Birmingham) and Everett Waters (SUNY Stony Brook): Epistemic Actions in Attachment Relationships and the Origin of the Socially Extended Mind (45 minutes)

Thursday afternoon Session 2: Extended Mind
— Mariana Salcedo (National Autonomous University of Mexico): An Evaluation of Systemic Analysis of Functions and Extended Mind Hypothesis, in the Quest for an Objective Criteria for Defining Mental Disorder (45 minutes)
— Pete Faulconbridge (University College London): Hacking the Extended Mind? (45 minutes)

Friday morning 5 April
— Nick Medford: Presence and Unreality: Mind and Machines (invited speaker, 90 minutes)

Friday afternoon Session 1: The Broader Picture
— Etienne Roesch (University of Reading) et al.: Situating Enactive Processes or Placing the Observer Back in the Scene: A Case for the Empirical Study of Perception (45 minutes)
— Vincent Mueller (American College of Thessaloniki): Twenty Years After the Embodied Mind: Why is Cognitivism Alive and Kicking? (45 minutes)

Friday afternoon Session 2: The Broader Picture
— Closing panel discussion chaired by Ginger Hoffman (St. Joseph’s University, US) (90 minutes)

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  1. Tom Froese said, on March 28, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    Looks awesome! Wish I could be there… I think the development of an enactive approach to psychopathology has a lot of promise. It will allow us to check if our theories actually translate into better practice.

    If I could have joined the workshop I would have presented something on a related topic, which could still be of interest to the participants in paper form:

    Is it normal to be a principal mindreader? Revising theories of social cognition on the basis of schizophrenia and high functioning autism-spectrum disorders

  2. eroesch said, on March 28, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    Agreed! I think enaction still needs to prove itself, both in day-to-day practice, e.g. clinical or education, and as a scientific concept that can be operationalised and grown into a full blown research scaffolding, ultimately supporting and seeding science with the same impact as the computational theory of mind.
    You’ll be missed Tom. Drink a mojito for us!

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