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Tom Froese video talk at AISB 2014 symposium on Re-conceptualizing Mental “Illness”

Posted in Seminars by jackoflantern on February 26, 2014


Just a thumbs up that Tom has agreed to do a recorded video presentation for this year’s AISB symposium on Re-Conceptualizing Mental “Illness”:  Enactive Philosophy and Cognitive Science, An Ongoing Dialogue, 3-4 April at Goldsmiths in London.  For the second year now, I’m organizing the symposium with Blay Whitby.  Tom’s provisional title is “An Enactive Critique of the Psychopathologies of Cognitive Science”.  I’ll be posting a link to the talk here after the AISB convention, as well as some thoughts on the discussions there!

Joel Parthemore


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  1. fcummins said, on March 14, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    Excellent. Look forward to seeing that!


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