The Life & Mind Seminar Network


The Mind and Life Seminars

Starting Wednesday 8 November 2006.

A new philosophy seminar/reading/discussion group organized by members of the CCNR but open to everyone will start meeting regularly on Wednesday afternoons to discuss topics related to cognitive science, philosophy of mind, phenomenology, psychology, robotics and philosophy of biology in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The aim is to provide a constructive and collective learning environment for the discussion of complex ideas at the forefront of modern perspectives in the sciences and philosophies of mind and life. This will be done in a seminar-style meeting featuring presentations, demonstrations, open discussion (and perhaps even practical sessions). We also aim at facilitating dialogue and exploring possible collaborations between people engaged in theoretical, modelling and empirical work.

The first meeting will include a general discussion about the series (suggestions welcome) and a presentation on: Play as re-creation: an enactive route to human sense-making by Ezequiel Di Paolo. Future planned meetings will focus on different approaches to autonomy in biology, AI and ethics, discussions about the challenges to dynamical approaches to cognition and the uses and misuses of representations.

Topics of interest include:

– Biological autonomy
– Enactive cognitive science
– Dynamical systems approaches to cognition
– Interactions between science and phenomenology
– Social cognition
– Developmental systems theory
– Novel approaches in AI and robotics
– Life/mind continuity
– Emotions
– Embodiment
– Autopoiesis
– Constructivism
– History of AI, cybernetics, robotics, and cognitive science
– Phenomenological reduction (practical issues)

A mailing list plus blog/wiki will be set up soon. The plan is to upload podcasts of presentations/discussions.

All welcome.



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  1. Rob Clowes said, on February 28, 2007 at 6:03 pm

    Hi Ezequiel – Any chance of putting me on the mailing list. I would have quite liked to come along to the talk today if I’d known about it earlier.

    best – Rob

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