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A new life for the Life and Mind group?

Posted in Admin, General by tomfroese on February 23, 2011

It has been several years since the Life and Mind group was initiated to provide a philosophical forum for the members of the Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems (EASy) group and the Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics (CCNR) at the University of Sussex.

A couple of generations of members later and it seems that we are reaching the end of the original Life and Mind group, at least in its incarnation at the University of Sussex. This is not only due to the usual turn-over of students and faculty, but also because of severe cuts in UK university funding, and, in particular, because of exceptionally bad senior management which even now continues to haunt those brave souls who are still at Sussex.

Nevertheless, the spirit of the Life and Mind group has been carried over to a number of other institutions and has found resonance with people in a variety of research centers around the world. I therefore propose that we try to further open this forum beyond the traditional locus around Sussex University. If someone wants to get involved in updating the website, posting reports, comments, CFPs, etc., please get in touch with one of the members.

As we used to say in the seminar announcements: All welcome!

Role of different blog categories

Posted in Admin by tomfroese on November 16, 2006

I was just thinking about how we perhaps should use the different categories that we have created so far.

Admin: I agree with Eduardo that this is for stuff about the blog itself.

Seminars: This should be the place for posts relating directly to seminars, such as abstracts, summaries, slides, responses, etc. After keeping this going for a while we should have a nice repository of life and mind work in here! :-)

General: Perhaps this could be used for discussions about upcoming seminars and anything else relevant to the seminar group such as the format we should use.

Video: pretty self-explanatory

I’m not sure what the ‘Blogroll’ and ‘Uncategorized’ categories are for. Do we need them?

Any comments? Agreements, disagreements?